The inner Workings of the Vacuum Sealer and its Benefits

Vacuum Sealer

If you hate food wastage and love saving money, you need to invest in a vacuum sealer. The gadget preserves food for longer periods by removing most of the oxygen inside the packaging material. This action greatly debilitates the ability of oxygen dependent bacteria from thriving and causing food spoilage.

Curious insects that may be attracted by the smell and taste of food are also kept out. To get a perfect seal, you need to make sure the bag is dry, contaminate free and folded at the top. The plastic storage bag also needs to be sturdy with the right thickness.

Some of the food items that can be preserved through vacuum sealing include meat, fish, vegetables and bread. When purchasing vacuum sealers, it is important to pay considerable attention to critical, decision making aspects like price, size and operating technology.

For instance, according to, gas flush sealers operate by injecting inert gas in a sealed plastic to aid the preservation process. Modern sealers out in the market today come in two distinct styles, the valve seal and heat seal. The heat seal is much more efficient compared to the latter when it comes to holding the seal for lengthy periods.

The valve sealers are, however, much cheaper, quieter and smaller compared to the heat sealers. The heat seal works by pulling off the surrounding air, before melting the plastic bag. Besides the sealing style, the other important aspect about the vacuum sealer operation is the vacuum strength, which is measured in (inHg) or inches of Mercury. It is instructive to note that the higher vacuum strength reading, the stronger the sealer’s suction power. Vacuum sealers are highly popular with hikers, hunters, fishermen, bulk shoppers and frequenters to the farmer’s market.

Below is a list of 5 key benefits of using vacuum sealers and appropriate packaging to preserve food:

  • Increase product shelf life – packaging food using vacuum sealers has been shown to increase product shelf life by as much as 400%. This is mostly due oxygen restriction or the introduction of the food preserving inert gas. Once the food has been vacuumed, it can also be kept in the freezer for longer periods.
  • Protects food from internal and external elements – a properly sealed plastic bag with appropriate thickness is able to various products from a host of elements including insects, moisture, dust and damage.
  • Efficient and quicker means of packaging – the wide array of vacuum sealers and packaging materials in the market has given consumers numerous choices and opportunities to effectively seal hundreds of products within a short time frame.
  • Ability to use numerous packaging materials – vacuum sealers are designed to work with numerous vacuum sealing materials, from plastic bags to rolls of film.
  • Sealers do not require the use of chemical preservatives – products preserved using the sealers can stay longer without adding chemical preservatives. Vacuum sealers are efficient because a combination of inert gas and the right oxygen mix acts as a great preservative.