Beware Of Fraudulent Sites That Spy On Your Personal Data!

Trust us, in the name of picture resizing or conversion, there are a number of websites that are just waiting to pry on your personal data. If you do not have a high quality internet security installed, there is every chance that the cookies installed automatically will try and trace your every move on the internet. And we think you must be somewhat aware of the consequences such as tracking all your searches to shove ‘related’ or ‘suitable’ advertisements down your throat. Or saving copies of your personal photographs for misuse in several innovative ways, many of which would be beyond your and even our comprehension. And the most tragic thing that could happen to you on such fraudulent sites that pose as data conversion or photo resizing free Samaritans, would be a direct hack attack – and that isn’t in the name of Science!. So trust use folks, and beware!

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How are we different?

That’s a great question. Well, we are pleased to tell you that do size is most certainly different because firstly, there are no hidden loops or page redirections anywhere. Nor are there any cookie permissions sought or your personal details of any kind solicited before you enter the website. If you are worried about malware or potential hackers, we’d like to tell you that we have the strongest anti-malware tools, website spam guard and hacker proof web master safety software in place. All of this of course in addition to the standard SSL Certificate that’s mandatory in any case. So along with authenticity and transparency, we also have the most efficient digital photo converter options rolled out for you. So be it for our hi-tech and advanced options, or from the safety point of view, it would b really worthwhile for you to pick us.