Best Picture Resizing Converter Rolled Out For You!

Great news for each and everyone who has been at loggerheads with various so-called free software and countless websites, in order to resize, crop or edit a wide range of images. While your initial approach with the website or online software might have been positive, we’re pretty sure you must have been bombarded with insane spam mails, countless newsletter sign ups, secretly spied upon by annoying website cookies and various other hidden hassles that manifest themselves later. Now this is exactly why the ‘Do Size Picture Changer Software’ has been designed for you. We have everything that you require, straightforward and simple, without the need to sign up, or enable cookies tracking or sign up for any promotional mails and definitely not any hidden charges that pop up annoyingly in the end.

Fuss-Free, Efficient Three Step Process

Getting your pictures resized online is not as complicated or perplexing as you think. So far you’ve probably had a negative experience because you have been approaching the wrong sites all along. The moment you set foot in this zone of digital photo conversion (literally anything you want to get done- conversion to a particular required format, editing, photo-shopping, cropping, resizing and so on), online advertisers, spammers, hackers and all kinds of webmasters who follow black hat SEO techniques, take your requirement as an opportunity to cash it in some way. Cutting to the chase here, we on behalf of team dot size will definitely get back to you on how we differ. But for the moment, let us place the focus on your requirement as the utmost priority. So here is a gist of the fuss-free, efficient three-step process that solves all your online digital photo resizing and other requirements in one go:-

  1. Under the Images Tab on the Home Screen, you will find a small ‘select’ button. Please click on that button. Now, you will be provided with the option of selecting images either online or from any location, file or folder on your desktop.
  2. Once you have selected the digital picture that needs to be edited, or converted or resized or cropped, please select out of the list of options from the drop down menu. Since this is a tick-box format, you could also select multiple options at the same time. But please note that the functions will always be carried out in the particular order as selected by you. So you need to tick on the functions to be carried out, in the precise order that you want them to be carried out. Finally click on the ‘OK’ Tab.
  3. Hey Presto! As soon as you’ve okayed the process, the perfectly edited or resized or converted images as required by you, will be immediately generated in a couple of seconds, along with the dual option of either saving the same on your computer or drop box or emailing it to a single or multiple email addresses at once.

Only works on Windows 8.1 and Above!